Sevenoaks Winter Wanderland


31 Dec 20<>

A family-friendly event to create displays for windows, doors or gardens to transform our streets in


What is it?

Window Wanderland is a national, family-friendly event, where residents, businesses, groups and schools can create a display for their window, door or garden.

Visit the website for more info

We are promoting a Sevenoaks Window Wanderland, asking everyone in Sevenoaks if they’d like to make a window display. Anyone can take part and almost anything can count as a display: from a string of fairy lights to a band playing in the living room. No fancy lighting needed, just a normal room light or lamp to illuminate your display will bring your window to life. 

These individual windows across the town will transform our streets into a festive gallery.

The launch date for the Wanderland is 27th November 2020. Residents will be encouraged to download a map to wander and admire the displays during the month 27th November to 31st December.

People wishing to take part are invited to sign up to our page on the website:
Go to Sevenoaks Window Wanderland event page at sevenoakswindowwanderland-2020
Register on the website, get yourselves on the Sevenoaks trail map, receive a welcome pack, and become a windowmaker!