Adopt a Tree Scheme

We want to give Sevenoaks residents the chance to adopt their very own tree for their families, themselves, a birthday present, anniversary or in memory of a loved one.


You will be able to choose from a variety of locations around the town to have the tree planted. These locations are as follows: 
Bat & Ball Centre
Brittians Common
The Green, Hillingdon Rise
Judd's Piece
Raleys Field & Knole Common
Sevenoaks Common
Vine Cricket Ground
Vine Gardens 
White Hart Beeches
Woodside Road Open Space
Greatness Park Cemetery
Greatness Recreation Ground
Hillingdon Play Area
Julians Meadow
Mount Close Play Area
Pontoise Close
Allotment Sites 
These areas vary in size and many of the trees planted would be understorey trees and hedgerow bushes, but all of them would be extremely beneficial to the local environment.


Can I Plant the Tree Myself? 

If your tree is going to be planted in a park or open space, then you can come along and help with the planting. If your tree is going to be on a roadside verge, unfortunately you will not be able to help as safety guidelines must be followed when working on a public highway.


The Choice of Tree 

It is important that the right tree is chosen for the right location to enhance its chance of flourishing. Native species will be chosen for the most part with an emphasis on fruit and nut trees. You are encouraged to water and nurture your tree and watch it grow over the years. 


The Cost

Your tree can be planted at one of our parks and following the planting, you will receive a certificate with a picture of the newly planted tree and a plan showing its location. If you would like to be in the photo, this can be arranged. 

Individual plaques are not provided, but if you would like to provide your own, we can attach it to the stake.

Standard tree - £115 (10/12cm bareroot wrapped tree)

This price includes purchase of the tree, digging a hole for its roots, adding compost, installing an irrigation pipe, backfilling, mulching and staking.



The best months for planting trees are December and January.

So that we can plant new trees during this time, our deadline for applications is 30th September. This gives us enough time to order the trees, agree and mark the final locations and organise planting.

Once the tree is planted the Sevenoaks Town Council will be responsible for maintaining the tree. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the lifetime of the tree, and we will be unable to replace any trees, which do not establish themselves. If the tree is near your home, you can increase its chances of survival by giving it water during periods of drought and hot weather.


To adopt your own tree click the download link below: