Policies & Procedures

Standing Orders
Terms of Reference for Committees
Financial Regulations
Employee Handbook
Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
STC Environmental Policy
STC Community Engagement Strategy
Freedom of Information Publication List
Sevenoaks Sports Strategy (Draft)
Policy re STC Leases
STC Equal Opportunity Policy
STC Social Media Policy
Committee Procedures 
Protocol for the Recording or Reporting of Council and Committee Meetings
Complaint Procedure
Personal Development Plans (Appraisal) Procedures
Recruitment Policy
Reserves Policy 
Investment Strategy
IT Security Policy
Employment Stability Policy (Redundancy)
Bat & Ball Station Hire policy 
STC Strategy 2020 - 2024 
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders
Fraud Policy
Merit Awards Policy (Original and New)
Recruitment and Retention Policy
Vehicle and Equipment Policy
Cheque Signing
Petty Cash
Safeguarding Policy
Hospitality & Gifts Policy
Long Service Bonus Policy
Stress Management Policy
Purchasing Procedures/STC Officer Decisions
Risk Assessments
Crime and Disorder
Training Policy
Lease Policy
Borrowing Policy
TOIL Policy
Appraisal Procedures
CCTV Policy
GDPR Policies including Privacy Policy 
STC Priorities (Agreed November 2019)