Borrow Thermal Imaging Camera

Sevenoaks Town Council has created a Thermal Imaging Scheme to help local residents identify cold and damp spots and where heat is potentially being lost within their home.

Thermal Imaging accuracy is dependent on weather conditions with dark, colder days being most useful to identify problem areas. Internal and external areas of the building can be scanned, however if the weather is bright and sunny, it will not be possible to take exterior scans as the sun’s rays shining on a building will distort readings.

Sevenoaks Town Council has purchased two Thermal Imaging Cameras which we are offering to residents within the Town Council’s parish boundary the opportunity to borrow.


Friday - Monday & Tuesday - Thursday


Thermal Imaging Cameras can be borrowed by residents at no charge; however, the Town Council will charge a late fee of £25 per day if the Camera is not returned at the agreed time. 

This is to cover the additional administrative processes required if we have to re-arrange bookings for other users and ensuring the Camera is set up in good time.


Residents using the camera will also be asked to complete and agree to Terms and Conditions of Hire and complete a short questionnaire so that the success of the scheme can be evaluated.

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