Public Open Spaces

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Bethel Road Burial Ground

Small former Baptist burial ground. Site is approx. 60ft by 20ft grass with several mature trees.

Brittains Lane Wood

A well used path that runs along the edge of this small woodland of ash, birch, oak, sweet chestnut, hazel and field maple. 

Judd's Piece

Judd's piece, nearby to the Vine Pleasure Grounds on Hollybush Lane, is a small area of copse and grass given to the town in 1948 by Mr Walter Judd, presumably as an addition to the pleasure grounds. 

Land at Littlewood

Open space and woodland at junction of Littlewood and Hillingdon Avenue with coppiced Alder trees. 

Land at Tonbridge Road

Small area of verge on which the seven replacement "Seven Oaks" were planted in 1955 

Letterbox Lane Land

A triangle shaped plot of dense woodland surrounded by Letterbox Lane, Fernside Lane and Gracious Lane.

Middlings Wood

A delightful copse of deciduous trees nestled between the road and the houses.

Millpond Wood

Mixed woodland set on a hillside criss-crossed with wide pathways. Some fabulous large sweet chestnut, scots pine and beech trees. It can be accessed at the bottom of Pinewood Avenue and at the corner of Hillingdon Avenue and The Crescent through a wooden gate. It also has dog bins. 

The Green, Hillingdon Rise

A loosely triangle shaped green with a cluster of silver birch trees at one end.The green sits between the roads: Hillingdon Rise and The Green.

The Pound

A grassy meadow with a cluster of trees, a bench, a litter bin and a bus stop. It sits between roads: Pound lane and the A225. 

Raleys & Knole Paddock

Locatd at the bottom of Plymouth Drive near the vine this area includes the following:

  • Cricket Field
  • Football Field
  • Rugby Fields with Clunhouse
  • Open Grass Areas
  • Car Parking - 35 permit spaces, further spaces available for short stay and area for the Lawn Tennis Club. 
To book pitch spaces please contact Sevenoaks Town Council on 01732 459 953.

Vine Waste

The Vine Waste is located at the bottom of the Vine Cricket Ground and serves as a permission only over flow car park area for Cricket Season and for events held on the Vine Gardens. The area is grassland surrounded by wooden posts and trees. 

White Hart Beeches

A curving strip of land just on from the White Hart Pub lined with beech trees. It follows the A225 and then curves onto Letterbox lane where there is a dog litter bin. 

Woodside Road

Triangular open space with mature trees at the junction of Bradbourne Park Road and Woodside Road.