Bus Shelters

Sevenoaks Town Council is responsible for the following Bus Shelters:

Bradborne Vale Road

1x Robyns Way
1x Opposite No77


Dartford Road

1x Outside No 24, Metal Adshel (3209 0023)
1x Near the Vine Restaurant and Beacon

London Road

1x Station Area, Metal Adshel (3209 0022)
1x Outside Tom Bells Fish & Chip Shop, Metal Adshel (3209 0007)
1x Opposite Brittains Common near to Fire Station
1x At the bottom of Brittains Common

Seal Road
 1x Opposite Filmer Lane, Metal Adshel (3209 028)
St John's Hill
 1x Outside No131, Metal Adshel (3209 0004)
1x Outside Wickendedn Road, Metal Adshel (3209 0006)
1x Outside No114, Metal Adshel (3209 0005)
1x Outside Church
Tonbridge Road
 1x Weald Road
1x Outside White Hart Public House