Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan

The Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan (STNP) was formally "made" by the Local Planning Authority (Sevenoaks District Council) on 23rd May 2023. This was following a successful Referendum held on 4th May 2023, when 73.1% of Sevenoaks Town residents that responded having voted in its favour. 

Full breakdown of votes can be viewed below: 

Created with the considerable involvement of the local community, this positive result represents a significant success for the Town and its residents, as the STNP provides local detail and protections to the assets and character which make Sevenoaks unique via its policies and aims. These will be used to guide development in Sevenoaks Town over the next 15 years and already, evidence of the STNP's positive influence has been observed in the first Annual Report, published May 2024 and in its having received recognition by the Royal Town Planning Institute via its shortlisting in their "Best Plan" for the 2024 South East Awards for Planning Excellence.

Links to the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan, as well as its Summary Document and first Annual Report are available below, and you may also pick up a free copy of each from the Town Council Offices on Bradbourne Vale Road - TN13 3QG.

For more information including background, consultation history and posting of any updates, please visit Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan (