Consultations and Key Projects

Masterplanning for the Town Centre and St John's Area


Sevenoaks Town Council has commissioned Urban Initiatives Studio to produce two Masterplans - one for the Town Centre and one for the St John's Area.

These will set out a spatial vision for the two areas and provide guidance for any future development that may take place, including improving the pedestrian environment, supporting the local economy and reducing traffic.

The Masterplans will build upon the work previously completed in the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan, identifying key opportunities for future development – including design guidance, enhancements to cultural attractions, improvements to the pedestrian environment, any potential traffic mitigation measures and opportunities for greener infrastructure to enhance the biodiversity of the areas. The key purpose is to set out a clear vision - informed and endorsed by local people - for what future development should look like within the Town.

Please visit this link for further detail as to the scope of the Masterplans.



How to get involved:

Fill out the below surveys, which seek to hear about how the Town Centre and St John's area are currently being used, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what local people would like to see improved. Responses will be used to inform the output of the Masterplans:
Sevenoaks Town Centre Survey:
St Johns area Survey:

Two Stakeholder Workshops have been held so far - one for each of the Study Areas, with attendees sharing their initial thoughts and ideas for the areas. Further Workshop events are to be held in June 2024, to gain feedback on proposals which have been put together by our consultants following these public engagement activities.

Copy of the presentation slides from the Masterplan Workshops can be found below - please note image quality may be reduced in order to be uploadable.

23rd April 2024 Workshop: Town Centre Presentation Slides - Principles to guide the Plan

30th April 2024 Workshop: St John's Area Presentation SlidesPrinciples to guide the Plan  


Draft Masterplans will be created using feedback from the above engagement activities. These will then be publicly consulted on in June/July 2024, with final Masterplans due August 2024.
Town Centre Study Area:






St John's Study Area:


Proposed 20MPH Speed Limits in Sevenoaks

In late 2022, Kent County Council consulted on a proposed Town-wide 20mph speed limit scheme for Sevenoaks Town. This came following five separate petitions presented to Kent County Council and Sevenoaks District Council over the past six years, demonstrating the desire for speed reductions.

An amended scheme was created by a Working Group of Kent County Council and the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board to respond to the comments received in the initial consultation.

Although not involved in this process, Sevenoaks Town Council - as a key supporter and agreed financer of the final scheme - conducted a town-wide public survey on the revised designs. This ran between 1st November 2023 - 14th December 2023.

The results were considered by the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board, who recommended that the scheme be delivered, with the following roads removed:

  • St Botolph's Road
  • Hitchen Hatch Lane
  • Mount Harry Road
  • Northern section of the A225 from the Vine to Bat & Ball Junction
Following the completion of data analysis from the Town Council's 2023 Public Consultation, and prior to the meeting of the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board on 20th March 2024, Sevenoaks Town Council published the following report:
Report of Planning Committee 18th March 2024 - Sevenoaks Town Wide 20mph Speed Limit 2023 Consultation

This report includes background to the scheme, details on the consultation process, key data from responses, and a recommendation approved by the Town Council's Planning Committee on 18th March 2024, to Kent County Council and the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board.

Final decision is awaited from Kent County Council's Portfolio Holder on the extents of the scheme, hoped to be delivered by September 2024.