Councillor Nicholas Busvine, OBE, Mayor of Sevenoaks stated at the Council Meeting held on 23rd March 2020: “We have all been shocked by the speed with which the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our local community. We are poised on the cusp of an intensification of this crisis. None of us knows quite how the situation will evolve – and that uncertainty makes matters more difficult for all of us. But, in dark days such as these, it is important to remember that ultimately things will get better and that life will go on. For now, we – as a Town Council – must buckle down and do our duty to the best of our ability. As your Mayor, I am proud to be part of such a wonderful team of councillors and council officials and employees. I know that we will not be intimidated by the challenges that face us and that we will continue to do our utmost to support our local community in these testing times. Thank you to you all”.

Sevenoaks Town Council will wherever continue support our local community. For this reason, the Town Council has created a £30,000 Community Resilience Fund for those who are putting in place voluntary arrangements to help those in need.

For those wishing to apply for a grant from this Fund they should complete the Sevenoaks Town Council Grant Application Form on its website . Traditionally applications have been reviewed twice a year, however bearing in mind the circumstances applications will now be reviewed as swiftly as possible as and when received.

It is also noted that applicants may not be able to comply with providing all the information normally required. Applicants are asked to complete as much information as possible and forward to Sevenoaks Town Council for consideration.

Linda Larter MBE
Chief Executive / Town Clerk
24th March 2020



Guidance Notes for Applicants 
Application Form

Grants for Local Voluntary Organisations

The Town Council wishes to assist approved Local Voluntary or Charitable Bodies which provide services to residents within the Parish of Sevenoaks by making them grants or loans. Applications must be supported by financial statements and/or balance sheets over the previous two years, or business plan as appropriate.

The Council has various powers under which it can fund organisations by way of a grant. The Council can also make grants at its discretion to various organisations provided that the grant will be spent for the benefit of Sevenoaks Town area or its residents. Please refer to the maps attached to the application form – pages 5 and 6. The amount of the grant must be in proportion to that benefit.

NB – Grant recipients will be asked to provide a stand and or presentation at the Annual Town Meeting [18th March 2019] to demonstrate to the general public how the grant funds have been spent and the benefits accrued. 

Aims of the Grant Scheme 

  • To encourage and support the activities of voluntary organisations within Sevenoaks Town
  • To promote new community initiatives where real additional benefits are offered to the community
The Grant Scheme is to support projects at local level so applications benefiting the town area will be given priority.  

Who can Apply?  

  • Any organisation which provides services that will directly benefit the area and residents of Sevenoaks Town. Wards: Town, Kippington, St Johns, Eastern, Wilderness and Northern
  • Is independently established for charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purposes
  • Has a written document setting out its aims and objectives 


Examples of what the Grant Scheme might support 

  • Equipment
  • Training
  • Hire of Premises
  • Information or publicity
  • Other project costs
  • Start-up or development costs for new community groups 


Applications for the tax year 1st April xx to 31st March xx will normally be considered only in September and February/March 

  • Please advise which tax year the money is to be used by you in
  • The deadline for applications is the second Friday in August, for the September meeting and the second Friday in January, for the February/March meeting.
NB: Late applications received after these dates will be reviewed at the following grants meeting. 

Where to get further information and an application pack

Application Forms and Guidance Notes are available on paper from the council office. Application Forms are also available by email from or to download below. 

All Application Forms must be signed, so copies that are filled in on a computer should be printed off, completed and duly signed and returned by post.