Bat & Ball Time Capsule

Published: 31 August 2018


An important aspect of the station building refurbishment will be to replace the wooden floors, but before the final floor goes down it was suggested to bury a time capsule underneath the floor of the original booking office.

To preserve this moment in time the capsule will contain a variety of current items and will include a map of Sevenoaks town, a copy of Sevenoaks Chronicle, a train ticket and a Lottery ticket, coins, an HLF Bat & Ball Station Leaflet, STC Annual Report and Northern Masterplan, toys, postcards and lots more!
The capsule has been inscribed with the following message ‘Sevenoaks Town Council provided this time capsule as part of the Bat & Ball Station refurbishment. 2018’. The ceremony will be attended by the Mayor, Councillors and members of Friends of Bat & Ball Station group. The Mayor will give a short speech about the time capsule and what its contents means before the capsule is laid under the floor.