Tree Planting at Greatness Recreation Ground

Published: 24 January 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Tree Planting at Greatness Rec.


On Friday 24th January 2020, Councillor Merilyn Canet, Chair of Sevenoaks Town Council Open Spaces Committee, was helped by fellow councillors to plant three fruiting apple trees at Greatness Recreation Ground, close to the play area.


The idea was to promote growing more trees across Sevenoaks in suitably picked locations, and we plan to continue planting into the future.
The trees; Coxes Orange Pippin, Fiesta and Bramley's seedlings are all from the same pollination group, so the trees should provide free fruit for locals and visitors for years to come and a good source of nectar to help our undervalued pollinating friends in the greatness area.