PRESS RELEASE: Third Grant Awarded

Published: 29 April 2020

Sevenoaks Town Council will continue to support our local community, particularly in these difficult times. For this reason, the Town Council created a £30,000 Community Resilience Fund for those who are putting in place voluntary arrangements to help those in need.

The Town Council will be making speedy decisions to ensure that these grants are provided when needed.

The Town Council has agreed a £611 Community Resilience Fund grant to Citizens Advice North and West Kent.
Following the closure of the face-to-face advice service in line with Covid-19 measures, and the high demand for advice being experienced, the grant will be used to provide IT specialist support to create remote access to computers for experienced Sevenoaks Town volunteers, thereby increasing advice giving capacity at this difficult time.
The Community Resilience Fund Grant is in addition to the Sevenoaks Town Council grant to Citizens Advice North and West Kent of £500 in March 2020 to expand its scam awareness programme to Sevenoaks Town.  
Citizens Advice has commented: “We are so grateful for the continued support of Sevenoaks Town Council in so many ways, and it is so heartening to know that you are supporting our emergency efforts at this time.”  

Those wishing to apply for a grant from this Fund should complete the Sevenoaks Town Council Grant Application Form on its website . Traditionally applications have been reviewed twice a year, however bearing in mind the circumstances applications will now be reviewed as swiftly as possible as and when received.

It is also noted that applicants may not be able to comply with providing all the information normally required. Applicants are asked to complete as much information as possible and forward to Sevenoaks Town Council for consideration. 

Linda Larter MBE
Chief Executive / Town Clerk
16th April 2020