Published: 21 September 2020

Prior to the meeting the cricket club had circulated comprehensive information relating to the condition of the Outfield on the Vine including soil sample reports, ECB Report and recommendations for improvement and ongoing maintenance.

The condition of the cricket Outfield had become a considerable problem in 2020 due to several factors coming together, drought, buildup of thatch, PH balances and intense use of public during COVID-19. The public use of disposable BBQs, riding of bikes, football studs and beer tops embedded in the grass had collectively made the outfield classified as unsuitable to enable premier league cricket to be played on the grounds.

Sevenoaks Town Council have agreed a grant of up to £16,000 towards the work needed to enable high level cricket to be played again and protection of the heritage landscape important to the local community. The total project will cost £25,000 with the balance being provided by Sevenoaks Cricket Club.

The work will consist of fencing off the area until Spring 2021, applying treatment, rotavating to a depth of 150mm, reseeding, applying fertilizer and further treatments, regular watering, secondary level of seeding.

We understand that seeing the Vine Ground fenced off will be upsetting to some people, however we hope that people will be patient and understand that this work will help with the long term sustainability of the public open space.

Cllr Nicholas Busvine OBE, Mayor of Sevenoaks said: “During the Covid crisis, The Vine has taken on added prominence as a ‘green refuge’ in the heart of the Town. It has been wonderful to see residents relaxing there in these troubled times. Live on the Vine has been a great success and the Vine Café and Cricket Club bar have been busy… But the numbers of visitors have taken their toll on the outfield of the cricket pitch. We are so pleased to be able to help contribute to restoring the pitch to its former glory”.

Andy Richardson, Chairman of Sevenoaks Cricket Club said;” The Vine is an historic and iconic venue for the playing of cricket and is an important piece of the Sevenoaks community identity. I am therefore excited that the key partners have agreed to undertake an extensive and ambitious refurbishment of the Vine this winter and extremely grateful to the Sevenoaks Town Council for their significant funding contribution. In all of the recent discussions I have realised the importance of the Vine to everyone and I look forward to welcoming you to our open league match in May next year where the Vine may be viewed in all her glory.”


Linda Larter MBE

Chief Executive / Town Clerk