PRESS RELEASE Sevenoaks Town Council offers its support to Sevenoaks Town Football Club for its ambitious new Pavilion proposals

Published: 25 February 2021

Sevenoaks Town Football Club has submitted ambitious plans for a new pavilion at Greatness Recreation Ground. The Planning Application is progressing through its normal statutory route.


Sevenoaks Town Council has been asked to consider the proposals in its position as owner of the Greatness Recreation Ground and as landlord of the Sevenoaks Town Football Club who lease the football pitch area from them.


Sevenoaks Town Council has a long-standing priority to support proposals for a new pavilion which in turn would release the current pavilion building back to the Town Council for alternative community use.


Town Councillors reviewed the proposals for the new pavilion and agreed to support these concluding that it would have a positive contribution for the Greatness Recreation Ground and surrounding area.


The Town Council also agreed to meet with Stakeholders and review its current Greatness Recreation Ground Management Plan to take into account the Football Club proposals and other proposals for the local area.


Cllr Nicholas Busvine OBE Mayor of Sevenoaks said “The STFC is a fantastic success story - not just for the results it achieves, but also for the sheer level of community involvement the club generates. The Town Council is proud to support the new pavilion project.”


Paul Lansdale, Chairman of Sevenoaks Town Football Club said: “I hope the proposals will gain wider support from the local community and beyond as he explained the benefits a new pavilion would deliver. We are thrilled our plans have the support of Sevenoaks Town Council. This proposed addition to our facility would enhance the experience for all 64 of our football teams including over 1000 players, their coaches, parents, and supporters. Our club proudly provides opportunity for boys and girls, men and women of all ages and abilities to play football and enjoy the mental health and social benefits of being physically active. The proposals also enable us to increase our reach and accessibility within the local community, making the park an even greater open space for people to enjoy – whether they like football or not.”