Spring 2021

Published: 26 May 2021

I have lived in this attractive town for most of my life. It has lovely countryside, exceptionally able people and a large, caring, volunteering tradition.

I was raised on a farm at Sundridge, cycled into Walthamstow Hall for school where we had a very active Young Farmers Club as well as a strong academic education. Helping and sharing our resources with other people was also part of the school’s ethos.

Studying at London University, I learned the skills for own business in Sevenoaks, and later worked from home and brought up my daughters in Sevenoaks.

Many of us have appreciated our walks in parks, gardens and countryside footpaths during the lockdown, especially now that so many homes are being built with smaller gardens or none.

I am looking forward to taking on the role of Sevenoaks Town Mayor and helping to make our town even greener — after all, they named the town after trees!

As we emerge into the changed post-pandemic world, I think that we may want to do some things differently. Many of us have missed friendly human contacts but have been glad of the kindness of people in our community, and of strangers.

The challenge that we face is climate change and restoring our economy for our children and grandchildren. Sustainability, careful use of our natural resources and working together to build a kinder world , we now realise is essential for a worthwhile future.

The Town Council has finished building a beautiful new Community Centre [renamed Bat & Ball Centre], now being used to help the town in this pandemic with testing. Soon it will help us rebuild our community life, and with gardens to linger in or to have volunteers to garden in.

The restored Bat and Ball Station building has respected our historic past and been given a new future in the life of our town. It’s a focus for the Darent Valley Rail Partnership which will encourage us and visitors to explore more of our beautiful countryside.

The Business Hub nearing completion next to Sevenoaks Town Council offices will help to support some of the changes in many people’s working lives, fitting well into our community.

We will need to build bridges between young people, older isolated residents, the volunteer sector and local businesses which the Town Council can support with contacts and funding.

We can share ideas to repair and recycle, making a positive social and economic contribution to recovery. We can work and play together to make Sevenoaks the best and kindest town anywhere.