Planning Application Tracker incorporated into Sevenoaks Town Council’s website

Published: 19 July 2021

Planning Application Tracker incorporated into Sevenoaks Town Council’s website


As of Friday 21st May 2021, the Planning Committee Working Party has been exclusively trialling an Planning Application Tracker provided by HugoFox to the Sevenoaks Town website. This provides a user-friendly way to check on the progress of Planning Applications within Sevenoaks Town Council area, colour coded to reflect its current status; Pending Consideration, Granted, Refused, Withdrawn, or Appealed.


Planning Applications are discoverable via entering the postcode or searching via the map and gives direct access to the Planning Application on the District Council’s Planning Portal. This service is available via the following link on the Sevenoaks Town Council’s website, and is live as of 19/07/2021 via this link.


On Monday 14th June 2021, the Sevenoaks Town Council Planning Committee made the decision to make this service live to the public and purchase use of it for one year, at the coat of £10 per month and an offset cost of £140 (exclusive of VAT).


The Planning Committee has resolved to trial this service to the public for one year, with intentions to revisit the item at a Planning Committee Meeting in April 2022. Therefore, any comments or feedback on the service may be forwarded to the Planning Committee Clerk, Georgie Elliston, at 


Due to current planning legislation during the pandemic, this decision was made via a
“Working Party” of the Council and signed off under delegated powers by the Chief Executive. It is through the Working Party that Sevenoaks Town Council has been endeavouring to continue with its day-to-day activities, including providing recommendations to the District Council on planning recommendations.