Sevenoaks Town Council invites comments from the community on its Green Community Investment Plan

Published: 08 December 2021

Sevenoaks Town Council invites comments from the community on its
Green Community Investment Plan

In November 2019 Sevenoaks Town Council resolved to make the following its No 1 Priority:

· To recognise the Government and KCC declarations for aiming for Zero Carbon
· To integrate this within the vision and throughout the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and within the Town Council’s general operation (list of initiatives agreed).

At a meeting in November 2021, Councillors met to review its original 2019 climate change initiatives and considered additional and new proposals. It was agreed that the Town Council should communicate more to the public about the practical local initiatives it was already undertaking and its plans for the future and that the Town Council should take a leadership role, providing information about simple measures that can be taken in helping the local community to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to help the planet.

In 2014 Sevenoaks Town Council set out its first ambitious £4m Community Investment Plan to restore and improve community facilities. Building on the success of the Community Investment Plan a second was produced in 2019 which increased the investment to £6.5m.

The Sevenoaks Town Council Green Community Investment Plan HERE moves away from primarily investing in community buildings and facilities and towards investing in the local environment and making Sevenoaks greener.

Cllr Dr Merilyn Canet said: The green investment plan for Sevenoaks was approved for wider consultation with residents and businesses at the Christmas Town Council meeting on Monday. At the same meeting a brilliantly delivered and researched presentation by students from Sevenoaks started the meeting and included ideas for making the centre of the Town more people friendly and the Stag attractive to younger residents. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the Green Investment plan and I hope they will. Action is needed now to protect our environment.

Sevenoaks Town Council are inviting comments on its initial Green Community Investment Plan up to 30th January 2022, these will then be reviewed.

Comments can be forwarded to the Town Clerk, Sevenoaks Town Council, Bradbourne Vale Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3QG or emailed to