Published: 22 December 2021



Sevenoaks Town awarded £80,000 grants for play area improvements
Sevenoaks Town Council has been awarded grants totalling £80,000 for improvements to
the play areas at Hillingdon Rise and at Julian’s Meadow. Sevenoaks Town Council’s goal is
to create free spaces where children and parents can go to experience the outdoors and
escape the rushed pace of life.


The grants awarded by Enovert Community Trust will be used to update, refurbish, and
extend the play areas at each site.


In line with the Town Council’s commitment to finding sustainable solutions and protecting
the environment, some existing equipment will be refurbished. The improved play areas and
additional equipment will cater to a wider range of ages and abilities. The projects will
commence in May 2022 and are scheduled in to open in the early Summer.


Enovert Community Trust is a grant-making organisation which is funded by landfill tax
credits. It supports projects in the vicinity of landfill sites, and projects that benefit and
make a positive impact to the community.


The Chairman of the Open Spaces and Leisure Committee, Cllr Nicholas Busvine OBE, said:-
‘A very big thank you to the Enovert Community Trust for £80,000 grant funding, which we
will use to refurbish the play areas at Hillingdon Rise and Julian’s Meadow. Wonderful news
to end the year!’


For further information about the play area projects contact