Published: 09 March 2022

Sevenoaks Town Council is planning to invest in a moveable Speed Indicator
Device (SID), which will be periodically installed at three fixed locations within the


The SIDs purpose is to give approaching vehicles an accurate visual indication of
their speed, in order to educate them and encourage drivers to remain within the
speed limit.


The SID is not a speed camera or a number plate recognition system but will
provide valuable data to the Town such as traffic volumes, average speeds,
maximum speeds, etc, which can potentially be passed to Kent Police for comment.


The Scheme

The scheme involves the permanent installation of galvanised steel posts
complete with mounting brackets at each of the three locations. The brackets will
enable the SID to face in either direction, which provides a total of six SID
positions. At 8 weekly intervals, the SID will be moved to a new position. This
may be by carried out by rotating the SID to face in the opposite direction, or by
relocating the SID to another post. These operations will be carried out by
volunteers, as will periodic battery replacement when required.


Proposed Locations

SIDs are only suitable for use on roads with a 30 mph speed limit. The three
locations selected for the fixed posts are at locations where it is known that a
relatively high proportion of vehicles exceed the speed limit. By periodically
positioning the SID at these locations, it is hoped that this will help to educate
drivers and encourage them to observe the speed limit. The three proposed
locations are:


1. Brittains Lane near Beaconfields
2. St Johns near Holly Bush Lane
3. Bradbourne Vale Road near the entrance to the riding school


The maps shown at the end of this letter show the approximate proposed
locations, although the exact locations will be determined on site by Kent County
Council to avoid underground services and to comply with highway regulations.
The three locations have undergone preliminary examinations by Kent County
Council, including measuring of the footways to ensure that equipment remains
compliant with footway width regulations and should not disrupt accessibility.


Types of SID

The “mini” SID displays the speed of approaching vehicles. It is relatively                             
compact and easily portable, weighing 8kg plus a 4kg battery. This is the
Town Council’s preferred option due to its significantly longer lasting
battery life, and the lower weight of the equipment requiring less
volunteers to move it.


The “advanced” SID displays the speed of approaching vehicles and
displays a “Slow Down” message to vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
This is slightly larger but is much heavier, weighing 12kg plus a 12kg
battery. The battery life is also significantly reduced.




A funding grant from the Kent County Council Member’s Fund will be applied for
once KCC’s investigative works have concluded, the application for which KCC
Member Richard Streatfeild is aware of. The funding, or remaining funding should
the application be successful, will be proposed for Community Infrastructure Levy
money during the next Community Infrastructure Committee to be held on 23rd
May 2022 at 7pm. This meeting will be held in the Town Council Chambers and
open to the public.


The cost of supplying and installing the mini SID, complete with spare battery,
data collection facility, and three posts with brackets installed by KCC, will be
£8,065.48 (excluding VAT).


The cost of supplying and installing the advanced SID, complete with spare
battery, data collection facility, and three posts with brackets installed by KCC,
will be £8,315.29 (excluding VAT).
There will be ongoing costs for insurance, maintenance, battery replacement, etc,
which would need to be budgeted for in our annual precept.


How to Respond


As a resident of Sevenoaks Town, Sevenoaks Town Council would like to take your
views into consideration before making a final decision. You can let us know your
views by completing the form at the end of this letter and posting it to us


or by emailing the completed form to PLANNING@SEVENOAKSTOWN.GOV.UK.
An online version of the form is also available via the following link or by scanning
the QR code at the bottom of this letter.



Paper copies of the survey will be available at the Town Council Offices, and
residents within a 100m radius will also receive a copy in the post.


If you wish to participate in this consultation or let us know your views, please
respond by midnight on 20th April 2022.


The proposal will be included on the agenda at the Planning Committee Meeting
OFFICES, BRADBOURNE VALE ROAD, at 7PM. Residents are welcome to attend
and register to speak during the Public Question Time.
Georgie Elliston - Planning Committee Clerk