Sevenoaks Town Council's Neighbourhood Development Plan set to go to Public Consultation

Published: 28 July 2022

The Local Planning Authority has confirmed the below dates for a Regulation 16 public consultation of Sevenoaks Town Council’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. This consultation is the last opportunity for public to comment on the document and its contents before it goes to referendum, which is hoped to be scheduled for October/November 2022.
9am Thursday 4th August 2022 – 5pm Thursday 22nd September 2022


 The Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Development Plan provides a once in a generation opportunity for local people to shape and guide the future of Sevenoaks.

 One of the main purposes of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is to add local detail to existing planning policies and to guide future development that reacts to local residents’ visions and priorities for the area. It includes policies that contribute towards the government’s zero carbon commitment, as well as policies that provide design guidance to ensure high quality housing that reflects the local area’s character and heritage.

Full copy of the NDP, as well as supporting evidence documents are available via the following link: 

The public consultation, which will invite comments on the Submission Draft of the Sevenoaks Town Neighbourhood Plan, will be run by the Local Planning Authority, Sevenoaks District Council. In addition to the document being forwarded to Statutory Consultees for comment, SDC have outlined the following methods for publicising the consultation:
Public notices
Social media posts
Notification to local community groups


A printed copy will also be available at the following locations: 
Bat & Ball Centre
Sevenoaks Town Council Offices
Sevenoaks District Council Offices
Sevenoaks Library

All comments received by the Local Planning Authority during this consultation period will be forward to the Independent Examiner, who will be appointed by Sevenoaks District Council to evaluate how well the NDP meets the Basic Conditions and conforms to planning policy.


Bulk printing of copies of the Neighbourhood Development Plan will be arranged following receipt of the Independent Examiner’s Report, in order to allow for any recommended edits to be incorporated. These will be made publicly available before and during the public referendum – the date of which will be announced and publicised a minimum of 28 working days before the referendum.



If you have any queries, please contact
Georgie Elliston