Press Release: Climate Change Youth Forum held 30th September 2022

Published: 30 September 2022

Sevenoaks Town Council Launches the Climate Change Youth Forum

On the 30th of September 2022, Sevenoaks Town Council hosted the first Climate Change Youth Forum which was held in the Bat & Ball Centre. This provided the opportunity for student representatives from secondary schools in Sevenoaks to discuss with each other about what action their schools are taking to help tackle climate change.

There were three schools in attendance, Trinity School, Walthamstow Hall, and Sevenoaks School, and the topics covered included recycling and food waste, carbon offsetting, tree planting and biodiversity, and school travel.

All schools found this to be a positive and worthwhile experience, with valuable information being shared, and agreed that similar meetings should be held in the future.

Thank you to Councillor Dr Merilyn Canet and all students and members of staff for attending.