PRESS RELEASE: Sevenoaks Town Council's portable Speed Indicator Device installed in Sevenoaks Town

Published: 15 February 2023

Sevenoaks Town Council has invested in a portable Speed Indicator Device to be installed and periodically moved between three locations within Sevenoaks Town, with the first location at Bradbourne Vale Road due to host the Speed Indicator Device from 15th February 2023 until 12th April 2023. The purpose of this device is to reinforce the 30mph speed limit in roads near schools which have been identified by the Town Councillors as being especially prone to speeding. After much debate by the Planning Committee on which roads to prioritise - with the limit allowed being three - the following roads were selected: 


  • Bradbourne Vale Road near the entrance to the riding school
  • St Johns Hill near the Church
  • Brittains Lane near Beaconfields


The locations were publicly consulted on between 9th March 2022 until 20th April 2022, and the equipment subsequently ordered shortly after in June 2022. Responses to the public consultation can be found via this link (reference pages 10-26), and a summary of the range of support is provided below: 



The St Johns Hill and Brittains Lane locations have been successfully installed as bi-directional, while the Bradbourne Vale Road location has been set up to face WEST (affecting East-bound traffic as it approaches Knole Academy) due to the site not being viable for Eastern facing infrastructure. The equipment will remain in each of its five allocated positions for 8 weeks each before being moved to the next location. This is in order to comply with traffic sign regulations, and also has the added benefit of limiting the effects of "sign blindness". Also known as "inattentive blindness", this can occur when a driver sees the same traffic signs every day, and therefore stops being as aware of them and adhering to them.

The following schedule for when and where the SID will be located is outlined below, and will be reviewed again in January 2024.



 For any queries please contact Georgie Elliston, Planning Committee Clerk via