PRESS RELEASE: Repair Life Skills sessions for young people at Youth Cafe

Published: 06 July 2023

The session will be delivered by House in the Basement Staff following training by Team Repair which aims to introduce young people to life skills of repair, enabling them to fix items that they might otherwise throw away and allowing them to live more sustainably.

 The repair sessions also aim to help give all young people the confidence to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), through hands-on experience with real products allowing them to explore the inner workings of many wonderful and interesting items.

Once a session has been completed the items used will be returned to Team Repair for re-use by another group or school.


Cllr Chloe Gustard, Chair of Sevenoaks Youth Committee said:

“As a parent, I’m usually looking for ways to get my children off tech over the summer. However, these repair kits are brilliant and reusable. They have been developed to teach STEM skills in a fun, interactive and practical way. In a world that generates 50 million tonnes of electronic waste every year, the young people at HiTB can enjoy learning how to repair their gadgets and gizmos for a sustainable future.” 



Here is a quote from Team Repair: 

"We are thrilled to be bringing Team Repair to the House in the Basement Youth Café! Our mission is to show the next generation how exciting science and tech can be whilst also teaching the sustainable life skill of repair, so working together with the Sevenoaks council is a fantastic opportunity to reach as many children as possible." 


For more details please contact:
Ieuan Chandler-Wilson
6th July 2023