PRESS RELEASE: Green Link between Bat & Ball and Otford

Published: 01 November 2023

Amongst many other opportunities within Northern Sevenoaks, this piece of work identified a potential opportunity to strengthen the links between Bat and Ball / Otford Road and Dunton Green, via a Green Link providing a new walking and cycling route. Identification of this route fed into the STNP, via Policy M3 which states that “The Neighbourhood Plan promotes the delivery of a new walking and cycling route that connects Bat and Ball / Otford Road with Dunton Green.”


Cllr David Skinner, OBE, Chair of the Community Infrastructure Committee said:

“There are few east-west routes in northern Sevenoaks and connection from Bat and Ball to Dunton Green is reliant on the A25 Bradbourne Vale Road, which is neither pedestrian-nor cycle-friendly. This new route will provide a Green Link connecting to the Darent Valley Path and a convenient connection to Dunton Green station. It is recognised that the western part of this route is within Dunton Green Parish, and we hope to work with our colleagues at the Parish Council.”

Proposal: For the above reasons, Sevenoaks Town Council is of the opinion that the Bat and Ball to Dunton Green Link would be of valuable input to this shared aspiration of making Sevenoaks Town residents more active, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to the government’s Net 0 target.




Commissioning a feasibility study in the near future and in tandem with those being conducted for other cycle routes currently under discussion would provide a unique opportunity for ensuring that the active travel routes being proposed by various local authorities are adequately linked and viewed holistically.

Sevenoaks Town Council have agreed to commission a Feasibility Study into the proposed Green Link and will be consulting with local residents on this in the near future.

Linda Larter MBE Chief Executive / Town Clerk 31st October 2023