PRESS RELEASE: Sevenoaks Town Council’s 20 mph Town Wide Survey Takes place

Published: 01 November 2023


Cllr Claire Shea, Mayor of Sevenoaks, said:

“For several years, there have been discussions on lowering speeds and increasing road safety in our town. Local residents in five different areas of Sevenoaks have campaigned for 20 mph limits to improve safety for all.
As a result, KCC led a consultation in 2022 on a 20-mph scheme, which has been refined using the feedback. We believe this could give a boost to active travel in Sevenoaks and can be funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy from developers.
The Town Crier (special edition) has information about the proposed scheme, and details of how to comment. We look forward to hearing from you.” 

In consultation with KCC and members of the Joint Transportation Board, Sevenoaks Town Council has produced a special edition of its regular Town Crier with details of the 20-mph signage only scheme and how to enable public to have their say.

The Town Crier will be delivered to all homes within Sevenoaks parish, additional copies will be available at the Bat & Ball Centre, Sevenoaks Town Council Offices, and the Sevenoaks Library. There will also be a large map of the proposals at these locations. Access to the information will also be available at


Why are 20 mph plans introduced? (source Government Atkins 20mph Study) 

-  Casualty and injury reduction

-  Reduction of rush hour traffic through residential areas

-  Reduce the negative impact of cars in urban centres



-  Community concerns about speed, safety, and the quality of the local environment

-  Demand from local groups and individuals in the community

-  Seen as a low-cost initiative, which delivers instant improvements for local residents, schools, and commuters.



-  Encourage active travelling locally (walking and cycling instead of driving)

-  Improve public health and wellbeing.