PRESS RELEASE: Mayoral painting presentation for the Town Council Community Art Collection

Published: 18 December 2023

In line with Town Council tradition, the Mayor presented a painting to add to the Town Council’s Community Art Collection of local scenes by local artists which create a visual social history of Sevenoaks. Around our Town Council sites such as the Town Offices, Bat & Ball Station, and the Community Centre there are examples of art work which have been given by previous Mayors over the years. Each artwork added to the collection helps tell a tale of the town's history from the medieval shambles, the works at the quarry or cricket at the Vine, and even the history of areas which we once knew but can be preserved in time through the artwork.

This year Mayor Shea presented a large painting by local artist Lawrence Jenkins. Lawrence has an esteemed history of teaching post graduate students at the Royal Academy Schools for 27 years, running classes for artists at his studio in Chart Farm in Seal, classes in the Adult Education Centre in Tunbridge Wells and Prince’s Drawing School in Shoreditch.

Whilst living at no.10 Bradbourne Vale Road in 1988, he drew this wonderful painting from his bedroom window. It became a large painting depicting the lakes, a Bat & Ball Station train heading to Sevenoaks, the quarry on River Hill, the roof of (at the time new) Sainsburys, the old gas works, and a crow that used to imitate the ring of a mobile phone. Of course, within the painting there are also signs of everyday life from the 80’s. Lawrence's painting has provided a nostalgic reflection of the Sevenoaks Landscape, recording a unique insight into how the Northern side of Sevenoaks has changed over the years.

This wonderful painting which was also exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in 1999 is a valuable addition to the Sevenoaks Town Council's Community Art collection.

Linda Larter MBE
Chief Executive / Town Clerk