PRESS RELEASE: Thames Water to hold community visit at Greatness Recreation Ground to address Mill Lane/Watercress Drive flooding concerns

Published: 08 April 2024

Following discussions with local representatives from all three tiers of local government* about significant recent flooding concerns, Thames Water has agreed to hold a community visit, or “Flood Bus” event, so that they can listen to and try and address local residents’ concerns about flooding in Sevenoaks – particularly at Mill Lane/Watercress Drive. This will also provide opportunity for representatives to explain the recent works which they have been undertaking to try and diagnose and alleviate the existing issues.

*These being Sevenoaks Town Council, Sevenoaks District Council, and Kent County Council.

Members of Thames Water’s technical team will be available to discuss recent flooding events or sewer related questions between 11am to 3pm on 30th April 2024 at Greatness Recreation Ground Car Park, just off Mill Lane, TN14 5BL.

Recent works include deep-cleaning of Thames Waters’ assets from Mill Pond to Watercress Drive, with the reported intention for Thames to undertake a survey of these assets to ascertain their potential impact on the persistent flooding issues. Although noted that these may be caused simply by over-capacity or other factors, as opposed to the condition of existing assets, it is the Town Council’s hope that this will be a valuable exercise for identifying any possible solutions to flooding in this area.

Flooding is a reoccurring issue in Sevenoaks, particularly within the Northern and Eastern Wards of Sevenoaks. Reports include not just burst river banks, but overflowing sinks and bathtubs, storm and sewage drains spilling into the road, as well as concerns about the potential for water pollution if the overflow reaches the River Darent.

The above efforts come following talks between elected members of Sevenoaks Town Council, Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council, alongside representatives of both Thames Water and the Environment Agency. Such “round table” discussions between local water suppliers and stakeholders have been sought by the Town Council since December 2023, when reports were received of sewage overspilling into Mill Lane. Sevenoaks Town Council’s ambition is to work collaboratively to map the existing wastewater network along with the assets that are owned and managed by various organisations, understanding the key areas of concern, areas of consistent flooding, and finally to identity potential interventions or solutions.

These talks will continue to be pursued by the Town Council, and updates on agreed actions and their progress will be publicised via the Town Council’s Planning Committee Agenda papers, published every other Tuesday to precede bi-weekly Monday evening meetings. These meetings are open to the public and opportunity is available for members of the community to register to address the Committee on matters relating to the Agenda, or other planning matters.

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