PRESS RELEASE: Sevenoaks Town Council to deliver Dartford Road pedestrian crossing as part of 20mph implementation

Published: 08 April 2024

Sevenoaks Town Council has pledged to deliver a new pedestrian crossing north of the War Memorial on Dartford Road as part of the proposed 20mph scheme which was last consulted on by the Town Council between 1st November – 16th December 2023.

The proposed zebra crossing formed part of the previous 20mph proposals consulted on by Kent County Council in 2022, and has been retained in the amended plans due to the overwhelming support that it received on original consultation. Funding of the crossing has been agreed to by the Town Council, via its Community Investment Plan and from Community Infrastructure Levy funds received from developers, up to the cost of £25,000 as set out in its 20mph consultation report.

Kent County Council Officers have indicated that a zebra crossing would be the most suitable design for the pedestrian crossing, due to site and design constraints for the proposed placement not allowing enough room for either a pelican or toucan crossing*. A Working Group of Sevenoaks Town Councillors has been formed in order to meet with County Council Officers to discuss the proposed designs and their relation to the proposed 20mph zone, which is still awaiting final decision by Kent County Council’s Portfolio Holder. The Town Council’s main priority is that the crossing should be within the proposed 20mph zone in order to best address the safety concerns for pedestrians crossing Dartford Road.

*Pelican crossings differ from zebra crossings, in that they include provision of traffic signals to control traffic flow. Toucan crossings incorporate similar design, but with additional provision for cyclists as well as pedestrians.

The latest update with regards to the proposed 20mph scheme, is as follows, with a final decision due to be made by the Kent County Council’s Portfolio Holder. Sevenoaks Town Council has agreed to fund the implementation of an agreed scheme, once approved, up to the predicted cost of £130,000. This in addition to the proposed pedestrian crossing, up to £25,000.




Recommendation made by Committees



STC Planning Committee

“KCC are requested to accept the public’s majority response for the scheme as a whole and for all the constituent roads.  STC request KCC to move forward with the scheme as designed, subject to all roads being compliant with Department for Transport and KCC policies on compliance.

STC recommended in addition that the proposed zebra crossing on Dartford Road which was part of the original 20 mph consultation by KCC be progressed.”


JTB – Joint Transportation Board

“Reduce the extend of the scheme to reflect the findings of the consultation and ensure compliance by removing Mount Harry / Hitchen Hatch Road, St Botolph Road, and the northern section of the A225 from the Vine to the Bat and Ball junction.”


KCC Portfolio Holder decision



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