PRESS RELEASE: Sevenoaks Town Council to explore installation of a "KEEP CLEAR" sign at Western entrance of Hillingdon Avenue

Published: 14 April 2023

On 3rd April 2023 Sevenoaks Town Council’s Planning Committee agreed to pursue the installation of a “Keep Clear” marking at the Western entrance of Hillingdon Avenue.

Consideration of this was initiated by the Town Councillors’ concerns for pedestrian safety due to the frequent mounting of cars onto the pavement at this location. While this has reportedly been an issue for a long time, the occurrence is being reported by concerned local residents and Town Councillors significantly more often due to increased traffic using the road as a main access to and exit from Trinity School, Weald of Kent, and the new Boys Grammar School.

Proposed placement of the “Keep Clear” road-marking is indicated below with a large red X.

Councillors pointed out during the meeting that the narrow entrance of 3.8m at the Western entrance of Hillingdon Avenue has caused cars to resort to mounting the pavement or grass in order to reduce congestion and enter the road. This poses a risk to pedestrians, with the concerns also intensified by the fact that the road in question is used as a direct walking route by students of Trinity School, Weald of Kent, and the new Boys Grammar School.

Alternative solutions such as installing a priority section on the road or converting the road into a one way system were considered by the KCC Officer, however deemed inappropriate for a variety of reasons. The full correspondence between the KCC Officer and Town Councillor can be viewed in the Appendix of the Agenda for 3rd April 2023 Planning Committee (see page 19). This is available via the following link: 160061-AMENDED_2023_04_03_Planning_Minutes.pdf (

The next step is for Sevenoaks Town Council to have further viability discussions with Kent County Council.

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Georgie Elliston