Planning Committee

The Planning Committee deals with all the issues related to the town and country planning matters including redevelopment, traffic and parking issues, local public transport, road safety and conservation areas and environmental improvements.


For more information on the role of the Planning Committee, as well as policies which provide a reference point of preferred practices and key consideration that Sevenoaks Town Council considers important when making recommendations to the Local Planning Authority, please click here.


Members of the public wishing to speak and address the Planning Committee must register to do so stating they wish to speak with the Town Council by 12noon on the date of the meeting. The Town Council permits one person to speak in favour and one against each Planning Application on a first registered basis. For full details, see Sevenoaks Town Council Public Speaking Guide - Planning Committee.

Please note that the proceedings of these meeting may be recorded in line with regulations set out in the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014. Click here for Sevenoaks Town Council's procedure for the recording of meetings. Members of the public addressing the Committee but not wishing to be recorded should put this request to the Clerk at the earliest possible opportunity.


For all Planning Applications in the Sevenoaks Town Council area, please click here. Sevenoaks Town Council subscribes to a service provided by HugoFox to make viewing Applications more user-friendly for the public. Applications are colour-coded depending on their status (Pending Consideration, Granted, Refused, Withdrawn or Appealed).

Planning Applications are discoverable via entering the postcode or searching via the map and each come with a link to the full Planning Application (including Documents, Constraints and the option to submit comments on the Application) on the District Council's Planning Portal.